Kira Starcloud

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Music by Minjoung Hwang
Book and Lyrics by Brandon Michael Lowden

In her daydreams, Kira is a keytar-slinging rockstar, but in reality, she’s the new kid in 8th grade, torn between a budding friendship with her nerdy neighbor Jonathan and a chance to join the cool girls’ posse. As if that wasn’t hard enough, her rock-and-roll fantasy turns to reality (or rather, reality TV) when she auditions for a singing contest at the local mall. Synthesizer riffs, makeovers, and imaginary companions are all along for the ride on Kira’s journey of self-discovery.

Watch: “Make You Over”

Performed by Hana Slevin, Elanna White, Cat Rakowski, Heath Saunders, and Jason Sager
Accompanied by Yoonmi Lee
Sheet music available here.


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