‘THE TURING TEST’ in MTF’s 4×15 Series

Come see the very first performance of material from The Turing Test, the new piece I’m working on at the Musical Theatre Factory. It’s the synth-rock sci-fi musical you’ve been waiting for.

4×15 Round 21
Monday, Feb. 13, 8PM
MTF at Playwrights Downtown
Robert Moss Theatre
440 Lafayette St. 3rd Floor

The Turing Test
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Brandon Michael Lowden
Legendary hacker and computer theorist Pr0me7heus, with the aid of a few trusted online associates, is working to create more than mere artificial intelligence, to design the first sentient, self-aware machine. But as virtual friendships grow, so does the danger of discovery… and no one can know Pr0me7heus is really a teenage girl from a dysfunctional home, with no one but her robot prototype to talk to.

REB + VoDKa + ME
Music by Julia Meinwald
Book and Lyrics by Gordon Leary

REB + VoDKa + ME explores Tumblr’s true crime community, particularly the group of fans of Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, known as Columbiners. Structured as a theatrical Tumblr, the show follows a Columbiner turning 18 on what would have been Dylan Klebold’s 33rd birthday, September 11, 2014. Distraught that she let herself get older than Dylan ever was, she plans to end her life on their shared birthday. The plan is complicated by a new Columbiner and another school shooter’s escape from prison.

The White Rose
Book and Lyrics by Derek P. Hassler
Music by Landon Braverman

In 1942, Germany is in a state of total war. Seeing the effects of the war on their country, six students at the University of Munich band together to begin a non-violent underground resistance movement. The group begins a secret leaflet campaign denouncing the party, risking their lives in the process. The members of the White Rose are now considered amongst Germany’s greatest heroes. In the face of almost certain death, they opposed the Third Reich, and left a mark for generations to come. The White Rose, with a supercharged contemporary rock score, celebrates the beauty of youth, revolt, and the noble act of standing up for what you believe in against all odds.

Bliss: A Soldier’s Tale
Book , Music, and Lyrics by Jerome A. Parker
Bliss: A Soldier’s Tale is about Perry, a sexually fluid musician/veteran seeking repentance for the sins he committed as a soldier, First in the arms of an older chanteuse, then in the bosom of his conservative, Christian home-town. Will his spiritual journey, with all its worldy influences, lead to the forgiveness he seeks? Based on the german myth of Tannhauser.