The Newport Mercury offers a rave review of Contemporary Theater Company’s An Evening with Donner and Blitzen, praising the production as a whole and throwing in some kind words about my original songs. Read the full review here!

One of the many treats in the show comes early with the lively delivery of Lowden’s “The Brothers Claus.” It’s a crafty upbeat tune that includes verses about Santa’s brothers: Hydro and Pyro to name only two of Santa’s siblings featured in the song.

If you’re up for something new and completely different this holiday season, “An Evening with Donner & Blitzen” is a joyride you don’t want to miss. The talented Hoover beautifully blends a touching love story with traditional holiday music and some great new tunes from Lowden to infuse the spirit of Christmas in us every one.

The Rhode Island Independent also had many nice things to say. Read their review here.

The dominance of cultural traditions at this time of year can present a particular challenge to artists. The creative charge at this time of year seems to favor repetition over innovation, embracing the past rather than exploring new territory. But an original production at Wakefield’s Contemporary Theater Company plays with the boundaries of Christmas storytelling, both indulging ingrained expectations and dishing out healthy doses of irreverence.

The production also features a couple of original songs with music and lyrics by composer Brandon Michael Lowden. The new tunes are one of the show’s highlights, particularly the comic showstopper “Brothers Claus,” which imagines Santa’s extended family, including Pyro Claus and Ozone Claus. The first act closes with the energetic and uplifting “Tonight’s Worth Saving,” also by Lowden, which showcases some of Simpson and Giles’ tightest vocal harmonies.