MTF Music Video for Giving Tuesday

A while back, I wrote this song with Alexander Sage Oyen to help raise funds for Musical Theatre Factory.  Two years later, they’ve come a long way — far enough to ask me to update the lyrics for this killer music video — but they could still use your support!  If you’re a fan of any of my work, I highly recommend heading over to and helping us out!

“We’re Working On It”
Music by Alexander Sage Oyen
Lyrics by Brandon Michael Lowden
Directed by Jessica Beth Redish
Shot and Edited by Paul W. Sauline
Recorded and Mixed by Ian Kagey of The Foundation Recording Services
Additional Drum Programing by Vanessa Garde
Recorded at Electracraft Music Works. Special thanks to William Garrett

Katie Lee Hill
Michael R. Jackson
Sukari Jones
Michael Kushner
Rachel Lee
Shakina Nayfack
Alexander Sage Oyen
Amanda Savan
Hana Slevin

Christy Altomare
Annaleigh Ashford
Ben Bonnema
Eisa Davis
Michael DeSouza
Latoya Edwards
Badia Farha
Remy Germinario
Benjamin James Halstead
Joe Iconis
Anna K. Jacobs
Lauren Marcus
Brandon Michael Lowden
Mary Jo McConnell
Rebecca Naomi Jones
Shakina Nayfack
Tonya Pinkins
Austin Regan
Rob Rokicki
Sam Salmond
Zoe Sarnak
Mark Sonnenblick
Jason Tam
Joel Waggoner